Entrepreneurs Provide TIPS! Monthly Yield Now Makes Sense

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(NewsUSA) -The ability to invest in cash-flowing and profitable entrepreneurs has disappeared with the loss of the regional exchanges in Philadelphia, Chicago and Seattle, among others. Local investors have lost the ability to invest locally -- easily.

The Entrex Capital Market System was founded as an entrepreneurial exchange to help privately-held companies access capital through their tradeable and patented Top Line Income Generation Rights Certificate (known as a TIGRcub).

The tradable TIGRcub security helps private companies raise funds by providing investors monthly interest -- plus a small share of monthly revenue: a winning combination for both company and investor.

The Entrex Market Index, or EMI, is similar to Nasdaq's Composite Index -- yet it offers monthly yield returns to investors via TIPS, or TIGRcub Interest Payments.

"The investor benefit, compared to the NASDAQ composite, is monthly yield payments from a diversified basket of entrepreneurial companies -- without having to liquidate your holdings," Stephen H. Watkins, CEO of The Entrex Capital Market, says in a statement.

The companies under the umbrella of the EMI include those with revenue ranging from $5 million to $250 million, a largely underserved sector of the United States economy, according to the Entrex statement.

The TIGRcub financing option is available for both public and private companies; they can use the Regulation D exemption through the Entrex Capital Market System to offer their TIGRcub securities through placement brokers in an initial offering process similar to that of a typical Initial Public Offering.

Each company can sell up to 10 percent of its TIGRcub offering to the EMI, which allows for diverse monthly yield investments that take advantage of the cash flow and growth opportunities across the entrepreneurial sector, according to the Entrex statement.

"Revenue is the tangible performance line of the company or the 'Top Line,' something that is so different from investing in the volatility of the equity markets, which is often more investor sentiment and speculation than corporate performance," Mr. Watkins explains in a statement regarding Overstock.com, one of the companies that has issued a TIGRcub.

"TIGRcub Securities provide a monthly cash-flowing return for investors, eliminating a lot of the downfalls of equity or stock-based investing," he adds.

Visit www.entrexmarketindex.com to view the index and some of the companies listed, and visit www.entrex.net for more details about the company's strategies and mission.

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Entrepreneurs Provide TIPS! Monthly Yield Now Makes Sense

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Article Date: March 14, 2017

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