25 Years of Achievements ? Charity Still Going Strong

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(NewsUSA) - One charity, Christian Relief Services, has been using community partnerships to fight poverty, not only in the United States, but all around the world. As the organization celebrates its 25th year of service, it's clear that its philanthropy has made a notable difference in communities in the United States, Africa, Haiti and Lithuania to name a few.

Christian Relief's efforts improved thousands of lives in 2009 alone. For example, Christian Relief teamed up with Bread and Water for Africa, to ship medical supplies, hygiene items, shoes, clothing, tools, and school supplies, including textbooks, all valued at over $9 million to partner organizations in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Zambia. Christian Relief also supports sustainable grassroots programs in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and Cameroon.

Along with Americans Helping Americans (AHA), Christian Relief distributed over 1,000 pairs of new boots and 1,000 warm blankets to Appalachian children in West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina in 2009. Since July 1, 2009, Christian Relief and AHA have also provided special food boxes to 8,995 individuals in the Appalachian region of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. For the holidays, Christian Relief gave Appalachian families over 10,000 whole turkeys and supplemental food, including fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and a dessert item. Christian Relief continued its support of service-enriched housing and community centers, as well as local affordable and transitional housing programs.

On American Indian reservations, Christian Relief worked with American Indian Youth Running Strong to distribute food and supplies to 12 American Indian-run church and community food banks and food pantries. In 2009, Christian Relief provided over 2 million pounds of food for over 29,000 individuals, as well as 32,000 holiday turkeys and 162,000 pounds of food for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals.

Over 3,000 children received 5,000 new winter coats, 7,000 new blankets, 5,000 pairs of new shoes and school supplies. In addition, Christian Relief funded the construction of water wells, community gardens and emergency heating.

For more information, visit www.christianrelief.org.

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25 Years of Achievements ? Charity Still Going Strong

Christian Relief Services distributed millions of pounds of food in 2009.

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